Tips to Connect the Pipe of Air Conditioner ‘

It is important to do everything in the installation of an air conditioner correctly, including connecting the pipe. A professional installer like the aircon installation singapore will know all the tips to connect the pipe. Here are some of the tips:

– Pour the pipe from the unit inside to the hole drilled into the wall. Minimize bends to make sure the unit is working properly.
– Cut a 1/4 “PVC pipe (6 millimeters) shorter than the length between the surface of your interior and exterior walls.
– Attach the head of the pipe at the interior end of the PVC pipe and then enter the pipe.
– Tie copper pipe, power cord, and plumbing into one with electrical tape. Put the pipeline below to ensure a free flow of water.
– Plug the pipe into the unit inside. Use 2 wrenches, working in the opposite direction, to tighten the connection.
– Connect the water drainage pipe to the base of the unit inside.
– Insert the pipe and the cable that is tied into the hole inside the wall. Make sure the drainage pipe allows the water to flow in the appropriate place.