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Events that occur in the field can be directly uploaded into this tangsel news online media website, without having to wait for minutes, hours or days, as happens in electronic media or print media. Thus tangsel news accelerate the distribution of information to the market (access), with global reach through the Internet network, and at the same time and generally existing information contained in the form of data and facts are not stories.

One of the advantages of this tangsel news online media that distinguishes itself most with other media is the interactive function. The communication model used by tangsel news as conventional media is usually linear and departs from a top-down tendency. While the tangsel news is two-way and egalitarian. Various features that exist in tangsel news such as chatrooms, e-mail, online polling / survey, games, is an example of interactive options contained in online media. Readers can also submit complaints, suggestions, or responses to the editorial and can be directly replied to.