How to Take Care of Leather and Suede Bags

For some people, collecting bags is an investment. You can visit So they are willing to spend the money to collect this one fashion item. Hobby collecting bag, of course, must know also how to care for it. Moreover, if accidentally ever exposed to spill drinks, ink, and makeup tool, which leaves stubborn stains. Do not panic first, here are some ways to remove stains from your bag:

– Leather bag
When the leather bag is inked, you do not rush to remove it by hand, because it will make the ink increasingly spread. Take the cotton and dip it in the alcohol, then rub on the ink stain on your bag until the stain fades. You can also use baby oil to replace alcohol.

– Suede bag
Suede bags are very easy to change color and texture, especially if exposed to stains. To remove the stain, you just take advantage of white vinegar in the kitchen. Pour white vinegar on a cloth rag and rub it into the stain until the stain fades. If the pen stain on your suede bag is new, try using an eraser to remove the stain.