Nose Reconstruction in Salt Lake City

Everyone has a physical that is not the same, especially the face. Some have the right facial structure, some feel less fit on what is on their face, some have to do facial reconstruction so as not to look creepy for others. The latter usually they have an accident to cause a defect in the face. Plastic surgeon Salt Lake City Utah is one of the services provided for those who want to do plastic surgery.

One of the most popular plastic surgery is nose reconstruction. Some people may feel the nose is too big or too sharp so it does not fit the size of the face. For some others feel that the nose is too small and less sharp.

Surgery of the nose can be done by a closed procedure, where the incision is hidden, or it can be through an open procedure, where there are small incisions along the base of the nose. If necessary, the surgeon will take part of the cartilage in the ear, the bulkhead or the ribs in the nose, or introduce a synthetic implant to change the shape of your nose.