Why Insurance Rejects Your Claim?

Before the insurer approves your claim, the insurer will usually conduct a survey on the location of the fire and investigate in detail the factors that cause a fire in the building or property that you insure. If there is suspicion of a deliberate element of your party whether it’s from a location survey, your statements and people living in the vicinity of a fire then your insurance claims will be in danger of being rejected. Therefore make sure you give a truthful statement about the occurrence of fire if necessary request an official letter of direct investigation from the police to participate included in the letter of claim submission. For this pure mistake from you who filed a claim but did not know the type of insurance you took, did it also bear any damage to the material due to fire or not. Usually, a standard policy on widely used insurance often does not provide asset protection against fire. Therefore it is important for you to be careful in choosing insurance for your home like cheap landlord insurance for dss tenants.

Fire insurance is usually divided itself. For that, before you decide to choose insurance, try to make sure first what is offered by the insurance company and the protection of anything that can be met by the insurance, whether the protection of fire assets including or not. As a client, you should properly fulfill your obligations to the insurer if you want to get your rights as a client as it meets your insurance premium payment. The insurer will certainly not be able to meet the repairs of your asset repairs from fire if your insurance premium payment is not in accordance with the requirements.

Insurance is still something that is not common among the people of the world, therefore there are still many misunderstandings about insurance companies, and the number of crime motives using the insurance model also affect the image of insurance companies in the eyes of Indonesian society. But actually a lot of insurance that is reliable and does help you in reducing financial losses in financing your damaged assets. But it does have a good idea before you decide to use insurance, you first learn all the rules, rights and obligations to the insurance company that you will choose for the agreement that you agree with the insurance can be realized well and avoid misunderstandings that can harm both parties.